ADC focuses on developing intelligent visual content search tools for government, commercial, and consumer arenas.  The EViP approach allows our products to handle virtually any image (full images, degraded images, partial images, sketched objects, composites of multiple images and/or sketches, images grabbed on-the-fly from video…) in real-world environments. This provides robust identification and search capabilities for applications ranging from security screening and target tracking to social networking and product advertisement.

ADC has finished an Edge computing product namely Artificial Intelligent Bot (AIB) and Control App to operate the AIB, Mobile “face-in-the-crowd” recognition, EViP software development package for licensed developers, and OEM Search Engine chip for mobile, desktop and server-based computing.

Artificial Intelligent Bot– AIB

It is a ready product for home security and IoTs markets.

AI Security Guard —Defends Your Home When You Are Unavailable

In any sensitive location of your home, it can be safe to guard by Artificial Intelligence Bot (AIB) which is able to monitor, detect, recognize that who were potentially there in 24/7/365 and give a report: text, image, and video with a time-stamped during the action, for a specific time of the day. You need to verify the compact report.

AIB is capable of in situ and online learning; hence it can update new faces into the gallery and ready for operation in a minute.

Interested, contact: 

Low-cost Intelligent Edge Security System (LIESS)–Ready For Market


We have our system ready in various packagings




Preexistent Camera


We tested it with different low-cost night vision cameras


Control App


The LIESS network is controlled by ADC App.  For Example, 12 cameras (Nodes) appear visually in this app.  Users can select what Node (camera) can be controlled and downloaded the activities and the videos in action.




Underneath each node, the App function appears to enable the controlling function for the selected camera




The products are ready for the security, IoT home security market.

You are on vacation, no problem.  The report will send it to you at a specific time you desire (The default time is 11:00 PM).  In the report, who are there at the camera location, what time, and how they look with cropped faces.  The activity video is saved and can be downloaded through the app when you are home.  

Some users who may have existed cameras in your home currently, only need the processor package and App to be sufficient for their home/facility.

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ADC-FR in Android Platform

The distinguishing feature of ADC-FR is its ability to accurately recognize a face given only a single image of that face as input.  This allows instant enrollment of individual faces to form a database and to immediately use that database for real-time (“live”) face recognition.  As more images of the same individual are entered, accuracy increases.

This App is very low-cost and ready for the security officer to use in his/her organization.


ADC-FID in Android Platform

Using the same technology as ADC-FR, ADC-FID is a robust binary (“yes/no”) face identification app.   ADC-FID is self-correcting:  Every time it is used, ADC-FID automatically or manually learns new features of the user being identified.  The ADC-FID app performs real-time learning and adaptation for face/object recognition in new orientations and environments.

This App is low-cost and handy for a commercial company to verify customers for further steps.



Software License Package

We have completed a stand-alone EViP software package that is now ready for a license. ADC will also offer engineering support services for developers using this package. 


Demo: Partial object search on a raw uncontrolled gallery 

This demo is required to provide what needs to be searched. e.g., an eye on the raw uncontrolled gallery. 

White papers:

Statistical study for Partial Face Recognition Based ADC Bio2

Statistical study for Partial Sketch Face Recognition final

Dynamic Supervised Learning Algorithm and Architecture (DSLAA)



OEM Search Engine

ADC has completed a study and preliminary design review of a hybrid microelectronic chip that incorporates full EViP functionality. This revolutionary device, when fabricated using 28nm CMOS technology, will be offered to developers of products from computing platforms to IoT merchandise.