Our passion is to develop and deploy transformative perception and cognition tools, helping to create truly intelligent machines that serve society.

ADC takes machine perception and cognition to a new level with a biomimetic design based on the mammalian extended visual pathway (EViP).  This unique approach includes:

*  Effective unsupervised learning to enable real-time, autonomous, adaptive capability to equip the perception. This is the front-end (“retina”) of the EViP architecture.

*  Non-competitive supervised learning based on self-evolving architecture to enable fast, adaptative, autonomous, constructively additive (no restart from scratch), and robust convergence learning, with much less computing power. This is the back-end (“visual cortex”) of the EViP architecture.

ADC is now equipped with a complete brain-like visual system to enable intelligent perception and cognition.

Based on this proven approach, ADC is designing a revolutionary product:  a hybrid high-speed correlator/neural network EViP chip, 5x5mm2 in size and weighing a few grams, and accommodating Tera-ops/sec processing speeds with less than 2 picojoules/operation. As an embedded search tool, this will give handheld devices on-board processing capabilities that outperform even the sophisticated server-based systems of today.  This tool will give medium and even small businesses capabilities that have hitherto been limited to data search/processing “giants.”


ADC’s mission is to become a leader in machines intelligence, perception, and cognition, spanning two domains: software and hardware.
In software, we are developing a neural compiler, and a powerful language for machine learning.
In hardware, we are developing a compact, low power, and high speed neural processor to serve as general purpose machine.