ADC is a spin-off company from Caltech in Glendora, California.  Our
applications are focusing in intelligent visual content search including  
partial object, partial sketch object, integrating partial objects, integrating
partial object and partial sketch search for security, social network and
product advertisement market.

Our technology is a bio-inspired visual recognition technique that is
based on the integration of visual pathways and saccadic  eye
movements, named extended visual pathways to automatically analyzes
and extracts unique features of the partial visual object and/or  partial
sketch, and then search in the databases for most probable matches.
This technology is secured by three US patents by Caltech and two
pending patents by Adaptive Computation.
We completely and successfully developed and validated our algorithms
for partial object search e.g. face, watch and dog, partial sketch-face,
object search in the movies in desk top machines, mobile devices using
C++, Java and Android language.

This software is developed for mobile apps, cloud service and computer