Our white papers
We have tested our algorithm using  a selected face from random image in the
database of 1970 images.   This selected face is used as input full or partial face
to search in 1970 image database for exact and relevant faces.  The simulation
results have shown that it almost always provided correct search for retrieving
relevant images.  Our unique technology is to search correctly for relevant
images based on partial or partial component image where no other technology
in the world can do, based on our knowledge.
The details are shown in the white paper:
Statistical Partial Face Recognition
Adaptive Image Based Search Engine
We have successfully tested our image search engine on several movies to
demonstrate that how effective it is on big and real world data set (each movie is
about 166K frames, more than 2 hours in time).
In this application, we divided into 3 studies: non-adaptive search, adaptive search
and adaptive search for aging object/face.
The details are available in the white paper:
Statistical Adaptive Image Based Search
Sketch-Face Recognition
ADC successfully developed Full/Partial Sketch-Face Recognition and it is ready for
real-world applications.
The white paper is available:
Statistical Study for Partial Sketch-Face Recognition